Keith Mitchell

.553 Hitting

I was just getting into prospecting when this guy was coming up, and I was sure he’d be the next big star. He was smoothly cruising up through the minors, he was improving at every level, he was young, and he was the cousin of Kevin Mitchell. He had it all going for him.

Unfortunately, a new analysis of his numbers reveals that he wasn’t anything special.

October 1, 2003
Keith became a career minor leaguer and tailed off big time. Shame.
.527 Hitting

Gregg Jefferies

.764 Hitting

This guy looked like a contact hitter with power potential. It’s no wonder everyone as gaga about him when he came up.

He ended up having a pretty good, if not spectacular, career. He never developed the power that might have been inferred from his numbers, perhaps because of his relatively small size.


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