Wil Myers

1.29 Hitting

Myers has barely played, but his early numbers look great so far.

December 9, 2012
He's been challenged as he advances through the minors, but he's still a quality bat. But now that he's made the majors, two things about him concern me: his lack of hip rotation and his frequent trades. I'm not a professional hitting coach, but it's pretty obvious to me that Myers could hit with a lot more power if he pivoted his back leg, squished the bug, and rotated his hips when he swings. He already hits the ball hard with his back foot planted and stiff swing, but I think he could be hitting it a lot harder. Secondly, if this guy is so young and so good and so full of potential, why is it that Kansas City gave up on him and quickly traded him away? Typically, a franchise will hold onto affordable promise for as long as it possibly can. Are there personality issues here or something?

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